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Sunday, February 25, 2007

And the photo of the day is.... 

Yes, again, symbolic landscapes confirm, that we are always closer to making (let alone admiring) war, than we are to making (let alone understanding) civilization.

Hey Canada, way to go! Blood makes the grass grow! Boo yahh.
And in the background, a nice big shiny commerce building, just as commerce always stands behind peace or war.
Christ, there's a lot rolled into this photo, now isn't there?

I dare you to spray paint a double pointed arrow on the sign which 'switches' the two around and the question "Which is more important?".
Yamis, you betcha! The next time that I'm in Ottawa...which will be in the coming weeks...I'll put up the sign, take a photo, go to jail (probably under some Stephen Harperesque security certificate) and then post it on the blog.

You're on!

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