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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not cool 

Men in positions of power/authority need to be careful who they socialize with in private and semi-private contexts, for fear of vindictive and attention-seeking behaviour on the part of young associates. And of course, for the inability to resist a chance to get their end away, a la Bill Clinton.

The alleged incident may amount to no more than an unwanted advance, with no hint of force, which is well short of criminal behaviour, but it's still so uncool.

First, it speaks to an inability to draw a line between public duties (speaking at a comedy debate) and acceptable public socialization (with a large group at the Matterhorn), and going on a late-night bender with teenagers before taking one back to a private residence ... and not even your private residence in the early hours, but that of a sleeping senior colleague.

Second, how much disrespect does that show for your host? You're a former minister and current MP and you can't spring for an inner-city hotel room for the night?

And then after things go south (or not), the senior colleague's house is searched by the cops looking for "evidence" (of what, a giant black dildo?)

Don't socialize privately with young people when you're 32, don't bring them back to a private residence, and be wary of young "hangers-on" who might have ulterior motives. Honestly, it's not rocket science - behave like a responsible professional, not a horndog teenager.

The public will take a very dim view of this whole thing, and the overtones of predatory sexual behaviour.

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