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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cost of living debate 

The NZH continues to offer "analysis lite" on this issue, which is actually critically important to every New Zealander's standard of living. Further importance stems from the forthcoming GST rise, about which New Zealanders seem entirely nonchalant - unlike Canadians, who tend to go apoplectic at any increase in consumption taxes.

The Auckland cafe-proprietor quoted in the NZH article claims "Milk had gone up 50 per cent, labour costs had also increased and the price of coffee beans had reached a 12-year high on the New York Futures Exchange."

Two days ago I bought 4L of milk at Safeway here in Canada for $3.99 (and it's GST exempt). That's the same price I paid six years ago. Petrol ("gas") is $0.85/L (again, much the same as it was six years ago). And I can buy a kilogram of acceptable coffee beans for $11 (although higher quality, or fair trade, beans are considerably more expensive).

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