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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Canis lupus dingo 

Wellington Zoo's new dingo pup sure is cute, but its keeper is dumb as a sack of nails to say:
"The dingo is not a domestic dog and no amount of socialising will turn him into one."
First, dingos (like any member of Canis lupus) is domesticatable, especially if raised by humans from puppyhood. Many dingoes are kept as pets today, and others as working dogs. Just like they have been for thousands of years.

Second, the keeper is pictured exhibited exactly how you socialize a dingo puppy to make it a domestic dog. Some breeds require more effort than others in this regard (think: wolf, rottweiller, etc.), but dingoes will bond very strongly with humans if given the opportunity.


A piece on “How to raise dogs”.

Didn’t see that one coming

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