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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Speaky the Engrishy? 

Funny how the two daughters have different surnames. That's cos the fuck faces who did the reporting can't listen properly.
Police have named the three women found dead in a Christchurch home. They were Sung Eun Cho, 43, and her daughters Yeon Jae Bark (known as Holly), 17, and Yeon Sue Baek (known as Kelly), 13.

'Bark" and "Baek" is actually either .... "Park" or "Baek". One or the other but certainly not both.

Unless anybody else out there knows of two daughters born to the same mother and father who have different surnames then NZ Herald can sort their shit out. And while you're at at work out what the first and last names are. The mothers name and daughters names are all in different formats with first names last and last names first. Next time I see honky names in print maybe they could read "famed author Smith Harry was seen walking hand in hand with Wendy Rumpshaker, following her divorce with Williams Bob". And then we can all join hand in hand in speaking gibberish and shit house reporting in supposedly our main daily newspaper which if printed off the net should go straight down the toilet bowl after rubbing viciously across your shit covered arse hole.

RIP Family.

or just a slip of the finger? 'r' and 'e' are next to each other on the keyboard, after all.

(either way, sloppy).
And the "P" and "B" as well? And not knowing what are the first and last names of any of them?

The amount of errors in the online articles from them and is abysmal. They are too worried about getting something out as fast as possible and they are riddled with nonsense.

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