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Thursday, April 01, 2010

NRL week 4 picks 

A supa dupa performance from the Warriors last week. I'd like to see that sort of effort repeated on attack again this weekend so I know it is deliberate rather than a freak effort. There is a Brisbane team in the not too distant past that conceded 48 points v Melbourne (R 13), 44 points v Bulldogs (R 14), 46 points v Sharks (R 15), YES, THE SHARKS!, 44 points v Rabbitohs (R 19) and 56 points v Raiders (R 21).

It may have merely been a return of that side. But at least the style of attack from the Warriors was what we've all been crying out for for close on 13 months.
I nailed the first 5 straight last week and then was diabolically wrong with the rest to finish 5/8 and 16/24 for the season.

Storm v Dragons
Storm by 6
This is a real high powered clash. The Dragons are coming to town to make a statement. I don't know why. Statements get made in the playoffs, not week 4. Storm to shut that shit down anyway.

Roosters v Broncos
Roosters by 10
Both teams gave up last week. The Roosters had a bit more form prior to that though and I expect them to find a little bit of that while the Broncos just look shithouse.

Sharks v Eels
Eels by 12
How could you pick this Sharks team. I picked them last week and I will be surprised if I make that stupid mistake again. They are awful from one side of the field to the other. They have the odd decent player who would go well in other sides but this collection of second rowers masquerading as a football side is an embarrassment to whoever recruited them. And don't fullbacks need to be able to catch that oval thing?

Cowboys v Titans
Cowboys by 8
This might be where the Titans dream changes course. Of course it could be where they get tested for the first time and step up. They've had three easy games, though in saying that the Cowboys aren't up to much themselves. They'll win a seesawing game.

Raiders v Tigers
Tigers by 6
I can't rule out the yo-yo factor here where one Raiders team plays at home one week then a different raiders team shows up on the road. It should be a very entertaining game, with the Tigers class showing through.

Warriors v Sea Eagles
Warriors by 4
A big game for both sides. Warriors can actually say "we are a playoff side" with a win here, while the Sea Eagles can well and truly put their first two weeks of meltdown behind them and get their season well under way with a tricky road assignment. Expect a physical clash that goes right to the wire.

Knights v Panthers
Knights by 8
A tricky one. Both teams are capable on their day but neither can inspire great hope that they'll do what you damn well want them to do. The Knights have won 10 from their last 13 at home though while the Panthers lose two thirds of their away games so that should make the result a little clearer.

Rabbitohs v Bulldogs
Bulldogs by 8
The Rabbits found some form but it was against the Sharks so it doesn't count. The Bulldogs meanwhile found 60 points after two losses and that equals .... momentum that the Rabbits won't be able to stop.

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How could you pick this Sharks team. I picked them last week and I will be surprised if I make that stupid mistake again. They are awful from one side of the field to the other.

Yikes, they did it.
I guess Eels fans are stoked. They were diabolical which was the only way the Sharks would ever win a game. The Sharks were typically awful themselves.

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