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Friday, March 12, 2010

NRL 2010 week 1 

Oh yeah, it's on baby.

I might be intoxicated but this is where it all happens, stacks on the mill and all that shit. Not even Warren Ryan and Phil Gould can wreck the NRL, though they do their best.

Let's GET IT ON!

Sportsfreak is where you can see the competition but those two just make up the numbers (famous last words).

Broncos vs Cowboys
Broncos by 8
“The Broncos came home with a wet sail once Henjak taught them how to concede fewer points than they scored. Maybe they'll keep that going.”

Eels vs Dragons
Eels by 4
Should be a great game to start the year. The Eels may still be depressed after last year's finale but they showed themselves what they were capable of when in the mood. The Dragons will want to make a statement but it's a bit early for them.

Saturday 13th March
Bulldogs vs Knights
Bulldogs by 12
The Knights will need permission for half their team to be allowed out of prison for the day. They've got no chance.”

Panthers vs Raiders
Panthers by 10
No idea how these teams will go this year so I'll go with the home side.

Sharks vs Storm
Storm by 12
Yep. New year, same shit.

Sunday 14th March
Titans vs Warriors
Titans by 8
We might get a glimpse of how much influence Tony Iro has had on the side early and by God I hope it's a big influence, but away in the heat to a decent side is too much in round 1. I do have a funny feeling though that the Titans might slide backwards this year.

Rabbitohs vs Roosters
Rabbitohs by 10
The Rabbits should do this easy. Their forward pack looks beasty, just a matter of seeing if the backs can back them up.

Monday 15th March
Tigers vs Sea Eagles
Tigers by 6
Hopefully Marshall carries on with the more mature and (relatively) injury free football that he played last year and the Tigers set the Sea Eagles off on another 0-4 start to the season.

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