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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Key's son: I am not a dump for your penny dreadfuls 

Official Desk of the Son of the Prime Minister

To: All Ministers

Re: Shares

I am not a dumping ground for your shitty fucking shares! I don't want $31 of penny dreadfuls Muzza (and watch yourself at my dad's BBQ next time) - or any other share portfolios that won't even buy me a dozen beers when I turn 16 (assuming I could sell them, which will obviously be difficult, since you can't). It's like I said to Dad when he tried to dump some dodgy stock on me: "Fuck off Dad, I'm not even a fucking capitalist, and I'm going to vote for the fucking Alliance just to teach you a lesson when I'm 18. Now close the fucking door and let me listen to my iPod in peace."


Son of John

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's check the weather 

Oh boy do the Vancouver Olympics have their problems!

We could get into it blow by blow, but instead let's just check the current weather the three cities that were biding for the 2010 Olympics:

Today's Conditions:

Vancouver: +12'C sunny.

Salzburg: -2'C light snow

Pyeongchang: -12'C light snow

Good job International Olympic Committee!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Change the Fucking Flag!!! 

If you think we should have a Union Jack on our flag because of some historic ties then I could equally claim that we have some historic ties to Maori for some strange reason and should slap a Maori flag or representation of Maoridom on our flag in another corner.

One would be relevant and worthy of being there. The other not so much.

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