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Thursday, January 21, 2010

From Bobert's Cairo Dictionary 

From my current days on the streets of Cairo I offer the novice traveler the following vocabulary:

Tout: a person who solicits business, employment, support, or the like, importunately

Importunately: urgent or persistent solicitation, sometimes annoyingly so.

If it is possible to make it down a city a block without running into a tout acting importunately, then I'm all ears.

Yep, been there. As soon as we got off the boat at Port Said we had things put in our hands and told they were gifts and then 10 metres later asked for money for them. Of course they were then put on the ground and we walked off but this type of thing continued everywhere. I expect there are very few foreign looking faces permanently living in places like this as they would soon go postal. In China it was the same. In the end I discovered the best way to deal with them was to not even acknowledge their existence.

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