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Sunday, October 04, 2009

On being a complete and utter fuckwit 

Major project due at work. Have come into the office for 13 consecutive days. Finally produced the required documents, and subjected them to seven proof-reads (five by myself, one by Mrs_Red, and one by an assistant). And guess what? I'm still finding new fucking mistakes every time I read the fucking things. You'd think I was entirely unfamiliar with the fucking English language and the filling-out of fucking forms.

And now the fucking PDF maker won't even convert my presumably still error-ridden documents from Word to fucking PDFs.

That is all.

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Fuck that!

Befre you submit run a check for the phrase "going forward" or "moving forward".

If found delete immediately.
Yeah fuck that. I've even found myself saying it once or twice and I fucking hate the saying. Makes me sound like an All Black coach/apologist.

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