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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lessons Learned 

In a move designed to soften the domestic and global outrage at their ill-considered homage to Nazi memorabilia at the Auckland War Museum the boys involved have agreed to kill one German each.

The students, a group of immature Auckland Grammar boys born over 60 years after the end of the Second World War, told bloggingitreal that they had no idea just how much shit was going to hit the fan when they jokingly bowed to a Nazi flag.

“You know, we know about the wars and stuff but we were just joking around at the Museum man, we’re, like, 15-years-old and we were just being totally stupid like 15-year-old kids are often likely to be,” one student said.

“We’ve got all these people around the world saying how insensitive and inappropriate we were, but it’s like dude WTF?”

“We didn’t mean to offend anyone – we were just being dicks and the next thing you know the entire world is hearing about our tom foolery and taking it like a grievous insult to their forefathers.”

In agreement with the War Veterans, Auckland Grammar School and the Jewish Council the students have agreed to kill one German each.

“You know, meeting with those old fullas who had actually been to the war, it really brought it home to us what pricks these Germans are,” he said, “and I think it’s made us more mature too.”

“As responsible kids and for Auckland Grammar we want to right our wrongs – we’re going to kill one of those Hun bastards each, which will hopefully prevent them from starting the next world war too,” the student said.

So our school says it's wrong for us to jokingly Heil Hitler...but it's OK for our dads to scream "fucking cocunuts" at the Kelston Boys rugby players the other week is it bennyasena?
Yeah, being a rednecked rugby supporter is right up there with being a genocidal maniac.

But if your school says it's OK to scream "fucking coconuts" at rugby gmes that's a great story, Anon. Feel free to send us some evidence and we'll post it right here. Video would be the best.
It's been a golden year for Auckland Glammar all right.

Typical though; trying to act like the Royal family.
Nice work bennyasena. Pretty much sums up my views on it. Seriously folks, it's a bunch of 15 year olds who know nothing about the war being immature. If they want to get offended go be a high school teacher and pick on one of the 20 offensive things you'll hear each day about whatever topic you choose.

Or maybe the media could report on the racist or prejudice comments that kids come to school with straight out of their parents mouths.

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