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Thursday, September 03, 2009

NRL week 26 

This is it. Lucky last. Has the NRL banned Mad Mondays yet? Mind you, is there a bar left in Sydney that hasn't banned every NRL player yet?

Tigers v Bulldogs
Bulldogs by 4
The Tigers will want to finish the season with a bang. They are playing good enough footie to knock over the Dogs but the Dogs just have a little more to play for.

Dragons v Eels
Eels by 8
The Eels are an irresistable force, while I have always forced myself to resist the Dragons. Though it isn't hard.

Warriors v Storm
Storm by 10
If the Warriors were at full strength I'd be tempted to tip an upset because they seem to go well against the Storm and have a bit to prove. But a weakened lineup should see them just get taught another lesson.

Sea Eagles v Titans
Titans by 8
The Titans just keep rolling on and on much to my surprise. Meanwhile the Sea Eagles just can't seem to click into 4th gear at all.

Sharks v Rabbitohs
Rabbitohs by 16
The Rabbits will play an attacking style and look to open the Sharks up. If the Sharks can defend like last week they are a chance but I just can't see them scoring enough points to win it. Mad Monday beckons. Lock up you women and children, front doors, liquor cabinet and anything that else that is removable.

Roosters v Cowboys
Cowboys by 14
A bit of a who cares game. Always good to see the Roosters lose though.

Knights v Panthers
Knights by 10
I cannot for the life of me see this Panthers side win a game away from home that means something. At the same time the Knights are quite a moody side that runs hot and cold week to week and more often than not in the same match so if they give the Panthers a look in they'll regret it.

Broncos v Raiders
Broncos by 16
Yep, the Broncos are back. Kind of. It's a shame they spent most of the year showing good sides how to beat them. Pass the ball along your backline and run over the try line. That was about all the effort required. It shouldn't be a long finals campaign for them.

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