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Monday, September 14, 2009

Corporate scum 

Do I have a corporate ripoff story for you.

Namely, the supply of gas to residential properties here in the self-proclaimed City of Champions.

You'd think that in summer you don't use much gas.

And you'd be right, notwithstanding the fact that our particular house has a gas oven/stove and gas hot water heating.

In June we used $5.40 worth of gas (+5% GST = $5.67)

And in July we used $5.24 worth of gas (+5% GST = $5.50)

Pretty parsimonious by anyone's standards. Two bills I wouldn't mind paying.

But what do both bills actually come to?

June = $50.70
July = $52.00

That's right, to actually get $5 worth of gas supplied to your house costs an additional $45. That's roughly 9 times the value of the gas used, in summer at least.

And just how is this extra $45 made up, you ask?

Well, bear tax of course. And a fuel surcharge. An airport improvement fee. No, I jest, but it would be almost no more ridiculous.

An administration fee ($5.40)
Riders (to feed Jesse and his family, presumably) ($1.00)
Delivery charge fixed ($24.30)
Delivery charge variable ($2.80) - they're carting it in by horse-drawn carriage?
Municipal franchise fee ($9.00) - aka the bear tax
GST (5% on top of all of the above listed)

And that, readers, is what you call a fucking rip off.



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