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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NRL Round 23 

6 from 8 last week, the Yamis juggernaut rolls on. I'm on 105.5 from 160 or thereabouts and ahead of all these saps, although I don't entirely trust Sportsfreaks tallying so might just have to check that at some point...

Rabbitohs v Titans
Rabbitohs by 4
Tough to call. Titans had a walk in the park last week but I think in Sydney the Rabbitohs will realise its last chance saloon with their remaining home game against the Dragons.

Cowboys v Bulldogs
Bulldogs by 4
The Bulldogs just don't look anything like the team that started the year and are extremely vulnerable. The Cowboys arguably have more to play for with a playoff spot on the line but they have a horrible 2 and 9 record v the Dogs in Townsville.

Roosters v Sea Eagles
Sea Eagles by 12
The Sea Eagles just have to get their shit back on track or they will either miss the playoffs or be rocking on up to Kogarah in Week 1. The Roosters have grown something resembling a backbone but they are playing with enthusiasm not class and it's class that starts winning all the games from this point on.

Raiders v Dragons
Dragons by 6
Believe it or not the Dragons might not win this too easily. They have a few suspension concerns and injuries and it'll probably be minus 53 in Canberra on Saturday night as well. They can afford the loss but Bennett won't allow it.

Eels v Warriors
Eels by 24
The Eels are on fire at the moment and will blow this shithouse opposition off the park.

Sharks v Tigers
Tigers by 10
Stuart basically called his side fucking hopeless in last weeks press conference and that is indeed what they are. Tigers roll on.

Broncos v Panthers
Panthers by 6
The Broncos will have some confidence back but they only beat the Sharks. They still look very vulnerable down the edges, and up the middle, and the areas in between. The Panthers will find those pesky holes and put points on.

Knights v Storm
Storm by 8
The Knights have fallen to bits. They've got nothing left. Where did all the enthusiasm and energy go? Who knows? Who cares? Not me. Storm to seal a top 4 spot with this win.

Like what I did there with the colours?

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