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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Dc_red has changed my byline to the left to "Yamis yearns for leadership" and he's not wrong.

Exhibit A
A government that has dropped the ball on climate change. They just don't get it. What is it about right wingers and wanting their dicks sucked by their mates? Or to hand out the dick sucks?

Exhibit B
An All Black team with 3 old men who have forgotten how to coach. It's a winter sport and they obviously don't like getting cold outside at trainings so keep them short and sweet and so our lineouts remain disfunctional. Our forwards coach is a former back who doesnt coach mauling and who needs a specialist scrum coach to come in to take care of that. As mentioned our lineouts are awful and our forwards spend most of the time in the backs. So perhaps that's the problem. When he calls them in for some forward training he can't find them because they are all off with Smith.

And then there's Smith who had the amazing revelation recently that "kicking is a very important part of rugby these days" and that we need to start working on it. Well excuse me but if you've just realised that you can just fuck right off. None of our outside backs can punt well and so they just run it from everywhere. I could punt a ball 40 to 50 metres when I was a teenager and I was a bloody forward. Could somebody please make these guys kick for an hour a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then there's Graham Henry who can just fuck right off.

Exhibit C
Ivan Cleary at the Warriors. Horrible recruiting (bringing Jones back was ridiculous and yes when I heard it announced last year I had a WTF?! moment), horrible selections during the year. An abomination of a game plan. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that our game plan is, run the ball up, and when the ref says "fifth" pass it to Jones to bomb to the corner. That's it. Fullstop. We are about to score the least number of points per game in club history (and we have had far worse sides), and if not for the Sharks would have close to the worst attack in the NRL in a decade. if you don't believe me go do some stat research.

Exhibit D
The principals of Auckland Boys Grammar and Kelston Boys High School.
A fucking disgrace, the pair of you. Watts at least made the right noises most of the time but he dropped the ball at the start and poor old Morris has brought shame on that school. He didn't even know where the ball was for a week and then when he found it has tried to kick it over the stand roof. Both of you, your blame the other side tactics have meant you've acted like the fabulous enabling duo for shithouse behaviour by young men. Shame, shame, shame.

It's getting to the light end of my year in terms of workload and I'm IN NO MOOD FOR DICKHEADS!!!

Come on Yam,

Where's the vitriolic attack on Hansen?
I just don't have the time LB to do it true justice.

But let me just say that he can fuck right off any time he likes.
"Exhibity A... What is it about right wingers and wanting their dicks sucked by their mates? Or to hand out the dick sucks."
Great call! Laughing my fucking arse off bro!
They are presently at the hospital getting their stomachs pumped!

Just like that one man band that's running the country.

When the public realise they will be shot up the jacksy.

Unfortunately if Labour drop their pants they will only have a 3 inch (Goff) knob to show so it could end up a draw.

Why are people so dumb?

I do my best each day but really I reckon I have to crank it up a mofo notch.

Or drink A LOT more.
This seems as good a place as anywhere to say this.

Was talking to a paediatric surgeon over the weekend.

He was saying that since the Section 59 amendment was passed the rate of child admissions to NZ hospitals for low to medium injuries by violence has dropped by 50%.

Interestingly, it’s had no effect on serious injuries, but I guess you can only legislate so much.
I guess the real effect of the law change won't be known for a few years in terms of those types of stats though it's good to see something positive this early.

The "I'm hitting them because I love them brigade" need to get it into their heads that the law wasn't designed to eliminate serious cases of child abuse. Not in the short term anyway. It was done to give the wee blighters the same rights that adults have and to change the countries thinking over a longer period of time.

I'd be interested to know what the bum smacking brigade do if they find that the kid still plays up? Do they a) use the time out corner? or b) smack harder and more often?
nice to see the rage. Actually, given the way the Warriors have performed, I'd been expecting it months ago.

(Go the mighty Dogs)

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