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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Reality Bites 

My response to most people who have brought up the subject of the Warriors in recent weeks/months has been varied. To some I have launched into a diatribe about how inept their coaching and management has been while to others I have responded "don't get me started". Clearly my response depends on how much time I have.

And right now I've got a few minutes.

Basically they are fucked. They are more likely to win the wooden spoon than make the eight and the writing has been on the wall for quite some time. To get the truth do not listen to the guys on radio sport, or Steve Price, or Ropati, Nikau or McIvor on the tellie. All these guys have a vested interest in talking the side up or are linked with the team even on a cordial level.

To get the truth read what I've got to say or else head on over to the forum at Warriors online.

Essentially the Warriors have fucked up in two key areas. One is recruitment and the other is in game plan/style.

They made the final 4 last year and obviously to all and sundry the thing holding them back from going further was the halves. The only problem there was that they signed a guy that was far, far fucking worse than what we had. Then instead of jettisoning him they told one of our halves (the best goal kicker in the competition) to go play rugby and have now told the other bloke to go play for the form side of the comp. But I guess at least they will use him as a hooker which is what he is. And we are left with a fullback playing standoff and a halfback who was past it 4 (FOUR!!!) years ago.

Signing Kemp was dumb because he was a goalkicker BUT we already had one that was better, and he was a try scorer, BUT he scored tries on the end of backline moves. We don't do backline moves that put wingers into space, in fact we don't do any moves that put wingers into space. We look for "tryline tries" and bomb to the corner tries. He was blamed for not scoring tries and dropped after a few weeks. Problem was that the pricks picking the side failed to notice that Ken Irvine wouldn't have scored tries with Jones and co running the backline.

Last week in the loss to the Titans Lance Hohaia spent 80 minutes playing a game of touch with himself. Against the Broncos it was much the same. Jones meanwhile played spot the shitty kick (I spotted it quite often), and spot the time when he ran when a pass was on but cos he's so old he tripped over his cane into the tackle.

This week Jones spent 80 minutes safely on the other side of the Tasman because if he'd been within arms reach I'd have throttled him to death. The commentators were going on in the first half about how good he and Hohaia were going in the halves. That's quite funny because I'm pretty sure we had ALL THE FUCKING BALL, ALL THE FUCKING FIELD POSITION and managed to score one barge over try to Price. In the second half we managed an out of the blue try to Price from a bomb where the defender should have been awarded a medal for services to science where he made himself disappear in a wide open space.

Neither try had anything to do whatsoever with any kind of organisation.

And as I've said several times in recent weeks (elsewhere) we are the worst attacking team in the comp. It's not even close.

This season these are our scores from week one until the latest disgrace...
26 (Fien in the halves), 26 (Fien in the halves), 10, 16, 22, 17, 14, 11, 12, 12, 14, 10, 13, 12 and 14.

An unbelievable ten matches where we haven't cracked 20 points. In fact in the last nine games we have't even cracked 15 points!!!!! If we were an earthquake it would be unregistered. In the Broncos game we got two miserable fucking tries against a side that has conceded 48, 44, 46 and 21 points in it's last 4 games all of which it lost. And both our tries were scored by our fucking prop!!!!!

We had two other chances to score. One Mannering butchered when he had three players to pick from to score and he fired it in front of Kemp into touch. If that pass had been on target we were up 14-0 and the game was there for the taking. The second was when Kemp (probably paranoid about the earlier shit pass) over ran Hohaia slightly who fired it hard at him (slightly behind) and he couldn't hang on and he spilled it. before anybody says "well you can't blame Jones for those cockups) let me say this. GO FUCK YOURSELF!!! Jones has created NOTHING!!!. I might be slightly inebriated when I type this but Michael Jackson would be more likely to pose a threat to an opposition defence than Jones. The moves are so telegraphed when he's got the ball they may as well run a flag up that says "go to sleep, nothing here to see".

But just so I'm not a complete negative nelly...

Locke has looked bloody good and I'm that desperate I'd almost try him at halfback for the remainder of the season. Results don't matter, we aren't going to get near the 8 but it would be good to see him with the ball in hand as much as possible. Chuck Moon in at standoff and get him to bomb the fuck out of it (he has a lead foot). Move Hohaia back to fullback and put McKinnon on the bench. It almost seems as though he has stopped caring. Where are the psychotic outbursts? Does he want to move to England to see out his career? The Warriors have a few too many players head that way for my liking. I think McKinnon still has some good football left in him but not running off these sacks of shit we have in our forward pack. Also Lewis Brown is a good tough footballer with a bit of mongrel about him. Ropati looked better on his return. Mannering had his moments but is definately a looseforward not a centre.

And on a final note... the refs are cheating c*nts. There were a couple of horseshit penalties in that game that cost points that were crowd penalties all the way. I hope in the review each week that the refs have them pointed out because it's unacceptable in this day and age.

Another great article - bearing in mind what happened yesterday when they blew it with two minutes left on the clock you'd agree that they're now dead and buried for 2009 if they weren't already?
The second the rocket scientists put Jones back in the starting lineup they had lost the plot. They've been gone from the playoff picture for about 2 months but have only now realised it.

Jones and Cleary both have to go immediately but unfortunately we may be stuck with both of them a while yet.

They've got a decent side that is easily top 8 quality but are directionless on and off the field in the key positions, recruiting, coaching and the halves.

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