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Saturday, May 23, 2009


So Noh Moo Hyun tops himself.

Unfortunately the idea that he would do this crossed my mind a while back. It's the stock standard Korean response to life getting a bit too tough. Often of that persons making (like in this case) but often the making of others. On a personal level Koreans are warm, open, generous and devoted to friends and family. But as a society things don't often work so well as those outside personal circles are emotional and volatile towards those they don't know or don't care for.

He wasn't much of a president, he seemed to put his foot in it all the time and was a weak leader. And perhaps that's why we have ended up at this point. I was wondering to myself how on earth a leader of a populace nation could be weak enough to a) allow himself and his family to corrupt themselves (in the past yes, but not post Kim Dae jung) and b) not be able to face up to it, and take the easy way out but I guess looking back on his term as leader you can see what the trouble was all along. He was too soft. It's time leaders across all walks of life realise that if you fuck up in this day and age you WILL get found out and you will go down (the jerk who's on the run from Westpac being another case and point). So best to either stay clean in the first place or fess up and take it like a man.

Life's Short, Play Fair.

Peace Out.

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But what about the possibility that he wasn't guilty? Lately, I have been hearing about this topic from various perspectives, and it seems to me that a lot of what we know about current events we garner from the media. Here, in America, we do have (for the most part) unbiased views and/or views from various angles, but in Korea, it seems that the media goes to bed with people in power, and so becomes partial to those people. I have been entertaining the idea lately that perhaps he committed suicide for the sake of his family, in order to keep them from suffering as he had.

And really, is Lee Myung Bak so much better? If we were to talk about corruption and scandal, he'd be the mascot.
Cheers for you comment.

Lee Myung Bak has had all sorts of corruption allegations against him and as they say, where there's smoke there's fire.

But I can't go with the line that Noh did this to protect his family from suffering.

He killed himself. His wife passed out when she heard.

What kind of suffering is he putting them through now?

I realise that there's probably more to this than meets the eye and he may not be AS guilty as is suspected. But there's no way he was squeeky clean.

Just a shame he didn't stick around to fight it if he felt it was unfair which apparently is what he was saying in the last couple of lines of his suicide note but has been omitted from media coverage to date.
Interesting media guidelines for reporting suicide published by Russell B today.

BTW, they went seriously out of the window here when that Margot McBillboard took her life last year; long before the Rankin angle became relevant.
I'm hearing now the murder idea getting floated. Apparently the body guard who said he was with him has now come out and said he wasn't. Personally I can't see much motivation for anybody. He was an ex-president who was fairly inoffensive and his death could really only give traction to his beliefs and political party.

But everybody likes a good conspiracy theory.
Was he shot from a grassy knoll?

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