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Friday, April 03, 2009

The best prank 


The NZ Herald and The Onion's editorial teams have seemingly swapped publications for the month of April!

Leading to hard hitting stories in our national rag of record such as this:
A cricket ball that gave a motorist mother a nasty fright on an Auckland motorway has prompted a hasty meeting between a high school and the department that runs New Zealand's roads.

The woman was driving her children on Auckland's Northern Motorway on Saturday when a particularly well-struck cricket ball from nearby Westlake Boys' High School bounced on to the road and hit her car.

The ball did not shatter the windscreen but mother and children were left in some distress, Westlake headmaster Craig Monaghan told the Herald.

Any thoughts on what these cunning satirical bastards will come up with tomorrow?

Lady spills latte on lap

Politician spooked by own shadow, caucus

Newspaper stops production due to lack of credible news

The big story here, of course, is that this is yet more graphic evidence of how science has skewed cricket in favour of batsmen.


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