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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rent a controversy 

If there was a mad man who continually shreaked, hollered and laughed regardless of the season, time, or weather would it be accurate to report in the country's largest newspaper that, following a light shower, "Rain this morning sparked mad man's merriment?"


Then did the sentencing of Nia Glassie's killers yesterday really spark tougher sentencing calls?
...Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesman Garth McVicar today said the sentences were not enough and an overhaul of the laws on violence against children were needed.

"This was not a one-off temper-induced killing, this was a prolonged systematic attack on a totally defenceless child. A more horrific murder would be hard to imagine."

Or is our one trick pony again getting fresh national media exposure for his incredible likeness to Jason Gunn?

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Is it going to bring her back?

Is it going to act as a deterrent to other potential scumbags?
Not on your nelly.

Is it designed to make the masses feel better?

The thing is, if this had happened years ago and they'd got 10 years, people would have said that's pathetic, give them at least 13. Then if they got 13 people would say we are too soft, we should give them 15 years. Then if they were sentenced to 15 years we would be namby pambies and sending out the wrong messages and they should get 17 years etc etc.

Whatever the government does there will still be these types of crimes being committed so people think it's all about punishment not being harsh enough and messge being sent is not strong enough.

They don't get it. There is no fucking message because there is no fucking audience. These losers don't sit round sipping tea discussing how it would suck to go to prison for 17 years as opposed to 10 so they are going to stop belting their kid.

You put these pricks away for as long as you think they deserve and then you look at how you can proactively stop this bullshit through a range of solutions. if it was all about the punishment then we should execute everybody who commits a serious crime (like many states in the US) and watch serious crime drop to zero like it has in the US.

Apparently. brrrrrrrt

Cindy Kiro talks more sense than our dear Garth:
She said those responsible for Nia's death needed to be punished, but more deaths would occur without a greater focus on early intervention in troubled families, education and employment.

"Preparing people to parent properly, supporting people to parent and taking responsibility for the safety of children in our families, these are some of the keys to ensuring our children are safe.

"If families or friends can't help, then ask social services in your area for help."

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