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Friday, February 06, 2009

Police lie about their identity 

Why the hell is this not the biggest news in the country today? No, not the PMs defiance after his so called security let him down, but the later revelation that undercover police taking photos on the marae claimed to be media or tourists when challenged by marae management!

Is it legal for police to deny they are police when on duty?

I don't know what's worse, that the police officers (or more likely their task-masters) felt the need to do their work in secret and lie about their identity, or the complete fucking ineptitude of said agents of state security in drawing attention to their activities and not being able to avoid blowing their cover. The quality of covert operations in this country really is shit, innit? God those animal rights activists who are forever being stalked by the SIS must be stoned out of their trees to not pick the burly mustachioed new guy as a plant. LMAO!

Speaking of being stoned, I'm off to celebrate both New Zealand's and Bob Marley's birthday at One Love.

Go Black.

If your'e undercover I would have thought the whole point of it was one big lie about who you are.

Donnie Brasco may have struggled a wee bit if he'd said "yep, ya got me, I'm a cop and thanks to me you're all going to prison for the rest of your lives, and ... ow, why did you just shoot me three times in the chest?!".

But the whole thing up north does sound pretty damn gay. I assume even undercover officers still need some sort of warrant/permit/whatever.
One Love in the sun (with appropriate accompaniment) sounds a fuck of a lot better than (a) attending Waitangi; (b) putting up with the 7s; (c) another winter's day at work; (d) all of the above.

Good luck to you young man.

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