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Monday, February 23, 2009

Morpheus is back from the future to save us all 

I caught CSI for the first time in ages the other night, and bugger me if Morpheus didn't show up to solve the case. I'd heard William Petersen, who plays Gil Grisham (one of my favourite characters on the show), was leaving, but had no idea his replacement would be an actor as cool and engaging as Lawrence "Larry" Fishburne. Petersen is only 56, so quite why he decided to bow out so young is curious; Fishburne is only 47 but is made to appear much older in the show (perhaps through addition of more grey to his hair?) He's certainly a bit bigger than he was in Apocalypse Now. ;-)

In other news, some Cantabrians were "terrorised all weekend" - not by al-Qaeda, but by, um, traffic. Apparently boy racers going no where fast are now "the acceptable face of 'terror'". Methinks the editor at the Christchurch Press needs to exercise a little control over such sensationalist shit. And perhaps buy his 'journalists' a fucking thesaurus or two.

National is following through on its election promise to play favourites with certain University graduates by paying down a bit of their student loan if they stay in the country. It's a shame the scheme doesn't apply to journalists, the country could sure use some right now.

Tough times mean Bill English is signalling severe restraint (and possibly fair enough) ... in every area except tax cuts which only benefit those above the average wage, or thereabouts. Maybe National could disinter such nasty 90s legends as Simon Upton and Max Bradford to slash a few budgets, hike a few fees, and ensure National returns to form.

And there was a very sad death on the otherwise unexceptional Candia Rd. I've always enjoyed driving it, but apparently it's a known blackspot.

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The deputy principal at Henderson High School losing her life there no less.

Peterson said in an interview a while ago that he enjoyed the role but that he was becoming complacent and he didn't want to be like that. Being an 'artist' and all he felt he should extend himself or he would be doing himself an injustice.
C'mon dammit its nearly league season with some brill pre-season matches. Plus the cricket still goin too.

Where's some good sportin commentary, nothin for days lads.
Too flamin busy at school (organising lessons, cricket teams etc) at the moment.

When the league is about to kickoff I'll roar back into it.

I'm not doing cricket this year as dc_red and/or chuck z are dabbling at that quite nicely now and then.

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