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Monday, January 05, 2009

Sonny Fai 

yeah, allegedly has just left the Warriors and now is in talk with the Sharks, however the Sea Eagles will grab him if he surfaces again.

Meanwhile, Bobert will be grabbing Tom Morello, Serj Tankian, Billy Bragg, Anti-Flag for a benefit gig (video for pay per view, directed by Micheal Moore)to raise funds for his family.

Bobert of course being so passionate about his cause will donate 6 months of his salary to fund the benefit concert,
Anonymous, I don't believe dc_red posted in order to invite jokes about Sonny Fai's loss.

You raised the question in my mind of when it becomes acceptable to joke about a tragedy. Although I usually appreciate insensitive and inappropriate humour the answer in this case is not now and not here!
How about you wait until his family find his cold wrecked body before you go looking for a funny angle huh?

Best wishes for you one day recognising and tapping into the great vein of human compassion that connects decent people. Until then, piss off.
Well said Chuck Z
I agree Margie - well spoken Chuck Z! So much more eloquent than saying fuck off asshole.
Just another John Hart training regime fuck-up.

When he's not pampering All Blacks in French hotels he's getting people to run up and down sand hills next to the country's most dangerous piece of water.
I'm sure they were doing this LONG before Hart came along although I stand to be corrected. Also I'm a bit curious as to which sand dunes they run up and down. If it's the ones at nearby Lake Wainamu (where they filmed all the Xena, Hercules crap and the last Shihad video and the Hamish Carter car ad etc etc) then it's a good couple of kilometres from the beach. It's also illegal to run in the actual beach sand dunes so I hope they aren't due to the erosion although I do recall seeing a clip on TV one time and it looked like they were coming through one of them down onto the beach.

Anyways, I have been swimming right where they were dozens of times without much strife. You just have to swim when lifeguards are on duty or else ponce about in shallower sections.

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