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Thursday, January 15, 2009


I wonder why it is cheaper to fly from Edmonton-Las Vegas than from Edmonton-Vancouver?

The distance between Edmonton and Las Vegas is basically double that of Edmonton to Vancouver (2200 vs 1100 km), and the flight time is more than double (a little over 3 hours 10 mins vs 1 hour 20 mins). Methinks that there may be certain hotel/casino chains subsidizing the cost of airfares to and from Vegas ... because Canadian airlines which normally never hesitate to subject the flying public to the most heinous price-gouging consistently offer very reasonable fares. That is, the kind of fares where the taxes are almost as much as the ticket.

Interestingly, google maps tells me I could walk from Edmonton to Las Vegas in 18 days and 21 hours. But given how cheap airfares are I don't think I'll bother.

For next to nothing I can be on Bob Hope's turf. Frank Sinatra's. Spiro Agnew's.

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Next to astrology, airline economics could be considered a rational science.

But at the end of the day it's almost always cheaper to fly out of Canada rather than within it. And that boils down to competition. The U.S. has how many national carriers and how many more budget ones? Sure they've all gone bankrupt, but can they ever outbid each other in order to get your bum in a seat.

Canadian airlines keep domestic fees well into the extortion category, until they go international, then they have to compete with the foreign carriers. It's why it is cheaper to fly Montréal to London rather than Montréal to Vancouver (even with all of the taxes and 9/11 security bullshit charges).

the only exception is Montreal - Toronto - Ottawa. Three airlines and a train service keeps it relatively cheap.
I'm fascinated dc.
Perhaps you could share the google maps methodology for calculating walking times? 18 days 21 hours seems quick, even with straight-as north american roads, and you'd have to cross the Rockies at some point wouldn't you?
Begging your pardon, I've found where Google Maps provides that info, so I really need to ask them don't I?
You'd have to walk 4.9 kilometres every hour to make the trip in under 19 days, and that's if you get this bit right:

171. Turn right to stay on Basin Rd/Shoshone Basin Rd 0.4 km
172. Slight left to stay on Basin Rd/Shoshone Basin Rd 11.8 km
173. Slight left toward Basin Rd/Shoshone Basin Rd 0.3 km
174. Slight right at Basin Rd/Shoshone Basin Rd
Entering Nevada 6.2 km

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