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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Exercise in futility 

As one looks ahead to the next 10 months of their life the opportunities are nearly limitless - you could, for example, move to Peru and learn the panflute, take a holiday to Mozambique, or just sit at home and sink piss.

Or, you could spend the 10 months rowing nearly 18,000 kilometres alone across the a bid to be the first man to do so, only to fail in completing your journey by an agonizingly short distance:

An Italian adventurer who set off from Peru on February 21 this year has fallen just short in his attempt to become the first person to row single-handed across the Pacific.
Alex Bellini, was aiming to row from Lima to Sydney, but yesterday had to call for help 65 nautical miles from the mid north NSW coastal town of Laurieton because of exhaustion.

Factor into account the expense, the untold hours of training pre attempt, and the inevitable mental strain of having to put up with yourself for 10 months and what does he have to show at the end of it?


Not even the runner's up thanks-for-trying world cup medal the Aussie Rugby League team so richly deserved.

Still, each to their own.

Silly bugger should have headed to NZ instead.

Technically that could be construed as crossing the Pacific - and it would have been a shorter journey.

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