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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another reason to reject democratic consumer-driven society. 

I’m just back from Havana. And in my absence from the North, apparently the whole of fucking North America has fallen apart. I mean seriously. People being trampled to death at Wal-Mart in New York?

And in Canada, Canadian parliament closes because Stephen Harper wanted to dodge a confidence vote? I’m pretty sure that society is on the edge of collapse here. I mean I missed most of the details as to why the House of Commons closed its doors, but all I know is that the English civil war broke out over a suspension of parliament, and Harper’s move would be make Robert Mugabe proud.

The Cubans told me, “see, here we don’t worry. Our Government is stable.”

Things are good in Cuba these days. Health and education are both spot on as ever. The hurricanes did a devastating pounding to the island, but recovery is happening, and soon the organic veggies will be back at the market ready to sell to residents of Havana. (The government put a halt to bringing rural produce into Havana for sale in order to ensure that foodstuffs weren’t compromised in rural areas). Until then Habaneros will have to dine on more costly imports or go without green peppers for a while.

And here’s something noteworthy. Havana now has a fully functioning, and get this…reliable, public transit system. After buying a whack of buses from China and Russia in the last six months, I dare say that it is possible to take the bus in Havana and get to where you are going on time (or relatively close to).

And yet in Canada we couldn’t run a peanut wagon let alone a government, or much else for that matter. I’m about as close as I’ve ever been to a one-way ticket to taking up medical school in Havana.

I’ll keep you posted.


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