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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Just Throwing Some Numbers Out There 

National 43.7%
Labour 34%
Greens 8.8%
NZ First 4%
ACT 3.9%
Maori Party 2.3%
United Future 1%
Progressives .8%
Others 1.5%

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National - 48%.

Labour 22%.

Bill and Ben 8%

New Zealand First 5.1%

Greens 7%

Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 10.9%
National: 98%
Labour: 2%

New Zealand: Fucked
Well, I went shopping in the last hour and bought comfort food and razor blades.

I also rented 2 new releases and have enough booze to get an elephant drunk if needed (and it will be either way).

Last time out tvnz hilariously called it to National all night and it wasn't until Labour hit the front that they even noticed what was happening.

The gap is way the fuck too big this time round.

I think I've been a touch too generous to UF, ACT, the Maori Party and Greens while National are doing about as well as I suspected they would for the past YEAR.

Menawhile "others" are smoking it on 6%. They might want to form an "Other Party" for 2011 on a free entry to the RWC platform.
I just realised why "Others" was so high. NZ First is lumped in there because Peters is getting his arse handed to him in Tauranga.

It's bye bye NZ First.

How sad ....


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