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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Good Call 

I've been there a couple of times and refused to go on the grounds because I had to pay. It just wasn't right on any level. And don't get me started on Tourism Rotorua and their philosophy on fixing entry charges.

Waitangi free for Kiwis
Thursday Oct 02, 2008
New Zealanders can now visit the Treaty Grounds in Waitangi free of charge, but overseas visitors will still need to pay. Former All Black Sid Going yesterday had the honour of being the first to enter the grounds without having to pay the $12 entry fee. Overseas visitors must pay $20 for a two-day pass. Waitangi National Trust chief executive Jeanette Richardson said the grounds host nearly a quarter of a million visitors a year. The trust was criticised last year by Labour MP Shane Jones for charging people to visit the site known as the birthplace of the nation.

And here's one for comrade dc_red to have a mocking laugh at...

Jennings delays lecture
Thursday Oct 02, 2008
Billionaire Kiwi Stephen Jennings has postponed a lecture in New Zealand because of the turmoil in global financial markets. Mr Jennings, who made his fortune in Russia, was to have given the Sir Ronald Trotter Lecture to the New Zealand Business Roundtable next week.
However, the Roundtable said yesterday Mr Jennings had reluctantly advised he could not travel because of problems within the Russian investment banking community.

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Lol; Selfish Sid gets a freebie
And they can charge people from Wellington double while they are at it!!!

Seriously though, I didn't appreciate having to pay to go and stand on a piece of grass that has a huge amount of historical significance for me (as a teacher of the guff, I mean stuff).
Sid Going yesterday had the honour of being the first to enter the grounds without having to pay the $12 entry fee.

Well, make that the first to have the honour of officially being able to enter the grounds without have to pay.... some of those who shared Yamis' sense of outrage with the fee for entering a national historic site found an alternative way in. (cough)The coastal walkway(/cough)

What a good news post though. Two victories for New Zealand.

I wonder if the Herald will retract its front-page support for Jennings ruble-fuelled rant about the general fecklessness of New Zealand, and the urgent need for more ACT-style policies.

I do enjoy seeing wankers like that being taking down a notch.
When the big boys get taken down a notch it affects the rest of us too though dc.
Since when did anyone care about "us" LB?
Great that Kiwis don't have to pay 12 bucks to go to Waitangi, but what about tourists having to pay $20 for a two day pass?

Is the site really that exciting that you'd justify spending two days there?

I would have thought 2 hours would be pushing the patience limits.

Or is the Waitangi Trust treating tourists like a cash cow and ensuring it is replacing its lost revenue....don't get me wrong, there is a lot of lawn to mow.

Having recently spent 3 months travelling through asia it regularly pissed me off having to pay double the local price to visit the same fucking attractions.

I often found myself thinking that this would never happen in New Zealand.....guess I was wrong.
I'm not sure how a Russian oligarch being taken down a couple of pegs would adversely affect me, or you, LB.

In fact, it made me feel quite a bit better, really.
Not getting the Herald I don't really know how much import this Russian guy would have on NZ.

It was more of a general comment.

Couldn't agree more. $20 to walk around a lawn for a couple of days isn't a great look.
20 bucks?

Fuck that.

You could get into all manner of famous European monuments for less than that. I'm not quite sure the Great Wall of China or the Colosseum ranks lower than some grass at Waitangi.

There are some things which should be more important than money. Waitangi, Auckland Museum, Te Papa are a few that should be free, free and free.

I already have to pay for Auckland Museum in my rates and resent the mafia hit squad at the door that wants the 5 dollar 'donation'.

And the government should pay for the upkeep of Waitangi. If it isn't worth looking after then they may as well turn the country into a golfcourse and sell it to an oil baron.
The wife and I never knew you had to pay. Wandered in and wandered out oblivious.

Read this and felt pretty much like you do when you pick up a 'free' magazine, only to get to the car and see the cover price. But that might just be me. Ahem.

- Polar bob

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