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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Too many Kiwis making money overseas: ex-pat making money overseas 

So some crony capitalist ex-pat making a killing in Russia is returning to preach to the converted at the Business Roundtable, and in advance offers the standard far-right prescription for enriching people like himself: 'reducing the size of government, changing the welfare system, reducing taxes and debating "sacred cows" such as the health system.'

The irony of this right-wing mouthpiece decrying New Zealanders working overseas, while himself waist-deep in rubles, is apparently lost.

Hey, here's a message for you Stephen Jennings: Fuck Off. The last thing New Zealand needs is more of that crap.

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NZ was once again rated the second most easy country to set up a business behind Singapore and consistently gets rated in about the same spot (behind Singapore) for having an open economy with minimal corruption.

What more do these fuckers want?

By hammering the welfare system you are not miraculously going to cure poverty.

And perhaps we could aim for a health system like the American one. "Sorry maam, you're insurance provider isn't affiliated with our hospital in Invercargill, you will have to go to Napier to have your leg reattached".

These people have their head buried so far up their fucking arse it is not funny.

We need to spend MORE money on our health system and education systems and welfare system is doing quite well in many areas. It's things like child abuse that need to get sorted the fuck out. Nationals policies will no doubt revolve around promising to send half the population to prison but then doing nothing.
I just can't wait until the election, you pinko, liberal, commies :)

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