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Monday, September 15, 2008

To the Lions 

Barack Obama did a bold move this week. He went on FoxNews to have an extended interview with that smart-mouthed, stupid-ass, Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly, voted the world's worst human on several occasions for his natural ability to repeatedly say G.O.P. talking points as loudly as he can, is somehow a popular guy with Fox viewers.

When Clinton and Obama were running against each other, Obama refused to deal with the Fox people. Because we know that at Fox it is less about journalism and news, and more about propaganda and Republican opinion. When Clinton went on Fox it upset many democrats who felt that it was a sign of giving legitimacy to Fox. The Obama camp has, from day one, rightly laughed off Fox as a bunch of lunatics, and never gave them any time.

But in the middle of the Republican National Convention Obama decided to do the audacious and sit down with Bill O'Reilly. It's the lion's den, because O'Reilly, not a smart man by any stretch, is a loud man, and he has a strong ability to spout out stupidities while cutting off his guest, that is can really make his opponent look weak and broken.

Senator Dithers, knowing that Obama was entering a lion's den, chose to enter a coliseum as well: The View. John McCain being interviewed by five centre-left women at once. I'm sure that for a minute in between fits of senility, Dithers thought that it might just bolster the soccer-mom vote on the Palin band-wagon.

Well loyal readers I offer you the links. The first clips are from Obama and O'Reilly and the last one is Dithers vs. the View.

You tell me which gladiator survived the coliseum.

Obama vs. O'Reilly pt. 1; Obama vs. O'Reilly pt. 2; Obama vs. O'Reilly pt. 3 (rt: 27 min)

Dithers vs. The View (rt: 5:30)


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