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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Darth Watch: Darth in "sick of nanny state" shock 

Darth's latest offering serves up a big helping of the usual:

- A generic complaint about "Labour's socialist nanny state," without a single policy or alleged instance of socialist nannying being discussed.

- Complaint about proportional representation preventing National from its god-given right to rule alone: "We gag at the obnoxious wheeling and dealing that goes into forming minority government coalitions; and we cringe when we see the compromises which such coalitions entail, and the paucity of decisive governance." It's called democracy, Darth. And I well recall the last time there was a majority government in New Zealand: it brought us Ruthanasia rather than the promised "Decent Society."

- Lengthy quotation to make up column length: check, but this time it's John Roughan rather than the usual contributor, God himself.

- Self-aggrandizement: check, Darth includes himself among "300 Rotorua movers and shakers on Monday". Note to Darth: movers and shakers do not live in Rotorua.

- Blathering about climate change: check, "our next Prime Minister [told] us that it's all very well to be the world leader in climate change legislation but what Labour proposes comes at a hellish expense and without any guarantee of benefit". So, apparently climate change might exist, if John Key tells Darth it does. Otherwise it's a crock, 'cos Owen McShane says so.

- Railing against democracy II: the Resource Management needs "cleaning up" - code for reduced public participation in land use decision-making.

- Trouble with numbers: "Then there was his renewed promise to rein in the bloated Wellington bureaucracy, which under Labour has expanded from 26,000 to 36,000 in five years and which, Mr Key said, would blow out by another 3500 if Labour won a fourth term. This would be dealt with by a natural attrition of between 14 and 20 per cent a year." Great, Darth - the public service should be all-but-gone in 10 years, then. I wonder if anyone will be left to process your Superannuation payments.

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I forgot to add:

Stupid sexism masquerading as a joke? Check, "However, of all the valid reasons given by Mr Key for us to elect a National government, this was the clincher: "The only time we've won the rugby World Cup we had a male Prime Minister."

I don't know who's dumber - Key for saying it, or Darth for repeating it.
Stop encouraging him dc...

Since the RWC started, the only time we've won a RWC is when we've had a dead Prime Minister too.
Ah, the pompous old ninny is still being given a pulpit by the Herald. God knows why.

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