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Friday, June 06, 2008

NRL Round 14? 

Who knows, lost count.

I wasn't going to post these but thanks to sports freaks computer doing an impersonation of the Bunnies season he's not able to put them up on his site so...

Dragons v Broncos
Dragons by 4

Warriors v Rabbitohs
Warriors by 14
Would ordinarily be a lot more but with a good chunk of our attacking players or key players injured there's no way this side will cut loose. Or are the Bunnies that bad? If the Warriors lose our Toyota Cup side will play in their place next week.

Bulldogs v Knights
Bulldogs by 8
Why or why? If SBW is back then they should get up. But the Knights must be gutted with that shit performance v the Warriors.

Tigers v Cowboys
Tigers by 10
Cowboys mud on the road with no defence.

Eels v Raiders
Eels by 14
Purely venue

Panthers v Sharks
Panthers by 8
Panthers form v Sharks road record makes this a shocker to pick. I've spun the roulette wheel and the Panthers came up.

Sea Eagles v Roosters
Sea Eagles by 4
Roosters missing four to Origin but the Sea Eagles just one.

Titans v Strom
Titans by 6
Storm missing ten players, otherwise you'd have to go with them. Hell, they could still be good enough.

And Sportsfreaks picks are...
Dragons, Warriors, Bulldogs, Tigers, Eels, Sharks, Sea Eagles, Titans. Basically he totally copied me but threw in the Sharks over the Titans to disguise it.

And I adopted the unusual ploy of picking all the home teams... as usual.


Well done Bunnies.

You exposed this bunch of pussy arse bitches for what they are.

On the way out.

This isn't going to get any better for the Warriors until they make major changes to the forward pack. Problem is it'll probably be too little too late.

Rapira has been a major disappointment. Wiki is hopeless. Utterly hopeless. He might be tough and do a few 'tough' things in each game but he simply cannot keep up anymore. Tuimavave is decent one week and crap the next. Packer is OK but haven't seen him do anything too flash yet. Swann is well passed it. Mannering is alright but nothing special. Fai has been totally underwhelming. Lauaki is dangerous... to both us and them and recently more so to us. Fien is alright, neither here nor there. Henderson is a good player. Luck is excellent on defense and totally and absolutely hopeless on attack. A passenger at best.

And that is a good chunk of the reason as to why we have the worst defense in Warriors history at the present point in our season. And that's saying something given what a few sides in the past have done. Remeber that 2004 team that was getting murdered? Well they conceded about 28-29 points a game. This side is going at over 30.
In the end the game was pretty amusing. The Bunnies (of all teams) could score at will. If they had possession, they just ran it hard and fast at the Warriors line, and like a hot knife through butter ...
Weepu will make a huge improvement when ho joins, but that probably won't be until next year.

What's the story with union converts these days? Are they still exempt from the salary cap?
I wouldn't think so. There may be some financial incentive but not a ful exemption. You'd end up stuffing yourself in the long run anyway as you would have to include them in your cap at some point and that would mean offloading others all of a sudden.
Do you agree Weepu would go OK for the Warriors?
He'd go OK, but I doubt he would set the world on fire. He would have a hell of a time getting fit enough and realising that he has to move his arse for 60+ minutes a game instead of 30+.

He'd probably have a decent kicking game but I'm really not sure he could work out how to use his skills in league.
Can he bat?

If so, there are vacancies in the Black Caps in the following positions:


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