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Sunday, June 15, 2008

No Ali 

I don't care that we lost the World Cup quarterfinal.

I care that we had to put up with 25 tests over two years without the very best XV being named and I care that we had around 20 Super 14 games with our best players missing (that's close to 50 games of substandard rugby).

And then we lost a quarterfinal because of an incompetent cheating referee which could have happened all along thus rendering the hugest sporting sacrifice of all time completely and utterly useless. And the rocket scientists that run and coach NZ couldn't realise that that might happen?

Please. Just fuck off and give us some administrators that aren't cunts and some coaches that can a) get over themselves and b) teach our forwards how to win a lineout after 6 years of practice and not hit the ball up on their own a metre wide of the ruck. If we weren't the most athletic team in the world year in and year out we would be also-rans. But we aren't. We're fucken awesome. Just no thanks to the coaches, selectors and administrators.

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