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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I hate auto-doors 

I got my head stuck in an auto door in Courtenay Central the other day. By auto door I mean those glass sliding doors in shops and buildings everywhere. It was closing as I approached and I assumed it would sense me and open back up, but it didn't. I kept going and it kept closing and I kept going and I only stopped when it was clear that my shoulders wouldn't make it through, even though my head was through already. The door stopped inches from my neck. It must have looked hilarious. Now, I know a normal person might have waited for the door to, if not open completely, at least stop closing, before getting their head in the way. When it comes to auto doors, I'm a wee bit abnormal.

Basically I hate the fucking things and their slow-assed ways. I hate them primarily because they slow me down as I'm walking places and it offends me that I have to wait for a machine to perform a service for me that I could perform faster myself. Why should I have to slow down approaching an auto-door?
Why can't they speed up rather than me slow down? Why can't the fucking machine that has been deliberately invented to help me actually help me rather than hinder my progress? FFS!

It just all rather disappointing you know.

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Nice rant, and well deserved. I guess the good thing is the door stopped. It might have been touch and go otherwise.

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