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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Difference Between a Korean and a New Zealander 

My wife just screamed from another room and I thought she's fallen off the deck or been shot or something.

I go running out to find out where she is and what has happened and she's discovered the mouse that we suspected was under the kitchen sink in the cupboard.

Now here's the difference. She tells me to get it. I tell her to forget about it and we can buy a trap tomorrow because I'm not catching it and killing it commando style. I'm a wuss. The only time I have killed an animal with my bare hands was a year or so ago when one of our cats fucked a bird up pretty bad and I had to beat it to death with a piece of firewood to put it out of it's misery. That's tha gangsta styles out west.

Anyway, my wife says that she will kill it (but I have to catch it).

So I enquire as to HOW she is going to kill it.

Her reply is that she will flush it down the toilet. I tell her to piss off, that it may get stuck down the pipe for half an hour before dying.

So she says that she will throw it in the fire!

And that ladies and gentlemen is the difference between a NZer and a Korean. A Korean will slap yo face. A westerner will lay a trap for you and kill yo ass anonymously.

And tomorrow I am buying a mouse trap.

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