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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Where Do You Live? 

I live in "Police Checkville".

Low and behold yet another one tonight.

I should start documenting them. I would say that in the last 12 months or a touch less I have actually had my rego and warrant checked 6 times and have either been waved through or passed through because they are too busy with other cars on another 3-4 occasions in the exact same spot.

When does this become persecution?

Sure they may be catching a disproportionate number of people in our area, but if Pacific Islanders were more likely to be carrying weapons does that mean you can stop everyone of them and them only to carry out a body search? If German backpackers were more likely to be carrying weed does that mean you invade their hostel dorms and tear only their belongings apart (twice a month)? If NZ Europeans were twice as likely to commit white collar crime would we expect that they had their bank accounts inspected several times a year whilst ignoring everybody else?

If we don't accept the targeting of racial groups (although Peter Brown has no issue with it) then why should we accept the targetting of communities because they have a couple of dozen different cultures in them?

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