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Friday, April 11, 2008

The abominable alternative to Winston Peters 

From the NZ Herald:
Since Mrs Muliaga's death, the Government has hardened guidelines on electricity disconnections and last night Parliament passed a bill which gives it powers to regulate electricity companies if they do not comply with the guidelines.

During a speech by Labour MP and Pacific Island Affairs Minister Winnie Laban about that legislation, Mr Clarkson was heard by other MPs to call out something along the lines of "pay the bill, pay the bill".
And also:

Mr Clarkson had to be persuaded by National's chief whip, Nathan Guy [Editor's note: Who?!?], to return to the debating chamber and apologise for his comments, which were labelled deeply offensive by other MPs.

Three interjections of up to 6 words each mark a noteworthy effort from this ball-scratching monstrosity of an MP ... whose grand contribution to Parliamentary debate as of November last year was five inane interjections.

For the record, the sum total the Muliaga family owed was $168, by no means a princely sum - probably equivalent to about one winter month's bill. Hardly a significant debt ... most people have probably been in the red to that amount at least once.

I'll say this much for Winston Peters: at least he has a work ethic.

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Hasn’t coastal Bay of Plenty excelled itself in recent years with its Members of Parliament?

I agree Clarkson is repulsive, and that Peters is Peters (there’s at least a comedy factor there) but the most vile Double-life blot on parliament is the brown-nosing weasel that is the MP for Bay of Plenty.
That weasel is repugnant isn't he. And fuck he's been there a long time, with slightly less hair and a slightly browner nose each election.

Murray McCully and Maurice Williamson are another two time servers for whom I have considerable disrespect.
Williamson doesn’t worry me so much, and McCully’s just a bumbling idiot whose main hobby for the last 10 years has been to organise the 2-yearly leadership coups.

But the other one is beyond contempt. Unctuous, hypocritical, obsequious weed.
I've always thought of McCully as more actively malevolent than you suggest ... his episodic declarations of culture war (taken more or less directly from the US Republican playbook) annoy me no end.

As for Williamson ... a smart-arse prat who exemplifies the archetypal Tory born-to-rule attitude.

Unctuous and obsequious are great adjectives for the lesser east coast brown-nosed weasel though.
The first one you mention shagged his press secretary in his Parliamentary office (mostly on the desk apparently) so gets some redeeming marks in my book for that. And I’m pretty sure he’s never preached family values, so that’s OK.

Maurice has always just been a sideshow.

The other one constantly preaches family values, has his overbearing born to rule mother-in-law as his local organizer, yet doesn’t bother with anything as feminine as a secretary for his entertainment when in Wgtn…
I'm horrified to think how you might know about the habits of the Mustela brownosious eastzealandia when out of its natural habitat.

Re: Muzza and the secretary. Was that before the journalist?
Before, during and after I think...

How do I know about someone else's habits? Well when one sleeps with a type of person one week, then bags that type of person in the media the following week, that type of person puts it about town (so to speak)

And when this happens on severall occasions...
DC Red:

OK, Clarkson was a cock. And kudos to chief whip Nathan Guy for dragging his arse back to the Chamber to apologise.

Having said that, was I the only person who found Mark Burton's outrage just a little galling? The man's only obvious talent as a Cabinet minister was standing up in Question Time and speaking fluent gibberish on the rare occasions he'd not dodge the question entirely.
Craig - I guess there's a difference between being an ineffective and evasive minister, and being an offensive jackass?

What galls me is that Clarkson must have had a work ethic at some point in his career, but has neglected to bring it to Parliament with him.
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