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Friday, March 28, 2008

NRL Week Three 

After last week where the best effort I think I saw from any tipsters anywhere was 4 from 8 this week should see a return to form. If not then it may see some early retirements.

No time to elaborate on them tonight. It's poker night.

Eels vs Knights
Eels by 8. - Eels to bounce back and deal the Knights their first loss of the year in their first game on the road.

Broncos vs Cowboys
Broncos by 13 - Brisbane to continue on their winning ways v a Cowboy team that may be waning.

Roosters vs Storm
Roosters by 6 - One of the matches of the round. Storm out for redemption (they hardly ever know that losing feeling) while the Roosters will sense their vulnerability and knock them off.

Raiders vs Dragons
Raiders by 12 - Raiders to run them ragged. Dragons earnt themselves a week off (in their minds) after last weeks win and the Raiders are bastards to beat in Canberra.

Titans vs Sharks
Sharks by 6 - Gold Coast will have home ground advantage but the Sharks have eaten that for lunch in Rounds one and two. They'll do the same here and already look good for a top 4 spot come September.

Panthers vs Rabbitohs
Panthers by 8 Rabbits look ordinary and Panthers look extra ordinary (notice the space). If Panthers don't win this then they are officially the worst team in the comp for the whole year.

Bulldogs vs Tigers
Bulldogs by 4 - Bulldogs to pull tighter after spinning the wheel and deciding it was Maitua's turn to get suspended for drunken stupidity and scrape a seesaw game by 4.

Sea Eagles vs Warriors
Sea Eagles by 8 - Very nasty start to the year for the Warriors and they may just ease off a touch following the win over the Eels. A desperate Sea Eagles side will muscle out a win on the back of a dangerous kicking game.

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Picking the Dogs and not the Warriors!

I'm stunned and not a little amazed.

Let me be the first to welcome you to the path of truth, light, and righteousness.
Don't get too excited. In game which I expect to be reasonably tight I'm going with the home teams. Especially with the Warriors now missing Price, McKinnon AND Ropati.

The Bulldogs are so hit and miss though. I haven't seen the Tigers play yet so it's hard to know what a handful they'll be.
7/8 not a bad effort there Yamis - might be time to start taking some multi-bets!

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