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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NRL Week One 2008 stylz 

Well, well, well, it's that time of the year again. Week one of the real RUGBY league season.

Stay tuned for a bit of a tipping collaboration website starting soon with another site. Details to come soon... just as soon as I cough, splutter, get them myself.

Anyway, lets see what we have to entertain us in round one. I'm only going to 'review' the first game properly as I can't be effed staying up all the night doing the rest.

Friday Night
Rabbitohs v Roosters
This is really anybody's guess, which is saying something for the NRL where every bloody game is anybody's guess. I'll start with the Roosters. Last year the Roosters were mud, until Brad Fittler took over from the quitting Anderson and fired them to within a point of making the top 8. They've signed O'Melley and Big Willie Mason ("Big" describes his body size and is in no way reflective of his brain mass) meaning they have the basis of a bloody tough forward pack. This is a bit unusual for the Roosters who are generally the pretty, rich boy poofs of the NRL. Mason said on the news tonight that nobody likes the Rabbitohs and neither does he. Shame for him that EVERYBODY HATES the Roosters. They also have tackling machine who also goal kicks Craig Fitzgibbon, Anthony Tupou, Danny Nutley and Nate Myles in the forwards which will mean headaches for many sides. They also have a decent backline with Mitchell Pierce (son of Wayne, who my mum used to fancy especially after meeting him in the 80s at an Auckland league awards ceremony) at half and Braith Anastha who is perenial winner of the most over rated player award by his peers. He's actually not a bad footballer though. He's just over rated. And add to them Anthony "the count (cos he looks like the one of Sesame Street)" Minichello, Amos Roberts and Kiwi Sam Perret (that's his legal name) and they'll put some tries on you if your poncing about.

On to the Rabbitohs. Three colours sum up the Rabbitohs again this year. Red, green and ... brown. Let me spell out what I mean: Craig Wing, Roy Asotasi, David Kidwell, David Fa'alogo, Nathan Merritt, Manase Manuokafoa, Jaiman Lowe, Jeremy Smith and Nigel Vagana. And they will be wearing red and green.

I think there's going to be a fair bit of bash and crash first up as the Rabbitohs have some meat in the engine room and the Roosters pack will be out to make a statement (though if Mason makes it nobody will understand what it meant, and will just want to punch him in the face). So I think the game will be won outwide and maybe, just maybe the Roosters have an edge there.

So... Roosters by 10 for me.

Titans v Cowboys
An all Queensland affair here, though the Gold Coast and Townsville probably have some err, subtle differences in terms of demographics.

If it was at NQ then I'd have to pick the Cowboys but down in the slums of the GC I think I may just ... still pick the Cowboys to ruin the suntanned Titanites night. Cowboys by 8.

Eels v Bulldogs
Right, by this stage I am probably 0-2 and thankfully barring a bloody disaster can bank on an Eels win because the Bulldogs are imploding before the year even starts. They have a lot of quality players but too much infighting and a lack of intesticular fortitude from the Bulldogs most of the time should see the Eels take it out by 14. But I don't much like either team so I don't give a stuff who wins as long as both sets of fans fight like they usually do to remind us all of how fucking dumb Eels and Bulldogs fans are.

Sea Eagles v Sharks
You've gotta go with the Sea Eagles at home here. They probably are borderline top 4 on paper at best but Dessie Hasler seems to get the best out of them and they are a bloody organised, firing on all cylanders side. The Sharks on the other hand are predicted to make the top 8 in some quarters but even though they are always there or thereabouts I just can't see it with their mediocre backline. Sea Eagles by 13.

Knights v Raiders
If you're picking a game to miss this should be it. The Knights went from being one of the most feared teams in the comp to nothing about as fast as Joey Johns could say, 'I'm qutting and I quite like getting wasted on drugs". You have to go with the Raiders in this game but the Knights will know that a big start is crucial and its a home game v a middle of the road team so I think I'll stick my neck out and say Knights by 4 to get one of their few wins this season.

Broncos v Panthers
The Broncos have shed some kgs (ie. Civinoceva to the opposition Panthers) but should still maybe, just scrape out a ... loss. Look for Pritchard and Puletua to do some damage and pip the Broncos by 8 (that's pip, not tip).

Tigers v Dragons
Tigers hopefully by 80.

Storm v Warriors
Bad start for the Warriors with a fighting 16 point loss after sort of being in the game for 60 minutes. Some skinny fast prick will smoke us near the end to blow the score out. The Storm are a good chance of repeating this year.

and in the Super 14 thank god the Crusaders and Blues are coming home. But I highly recommending avoiding watching any games at all costs unless one of those two teams is involved.

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Rabbitohs v Roosters - Rabbits

Titans v Cowboys - Titans

Eels v Bulldogs - Eels

Eagle versus Shark - Heh, the Eagle.

Knights v Raiders - Dire. Fuck. Raiders I guess.

Broncos v Panthers - Broncos at home.

Tigers v Dragons - Tigers

Storm v Warriors - Hmmm, the Warriors against the Storm in Melbourne in Week 1? Starts don't get any tougher than that. Storm by a comfortable margin.
Lol; interesting colour action there Yamis; is that going to be a regular feature?

Dc; look forward to meeting you this weekend at the only sporting occasion of any significance over the next few days.

BTW, a Full House is predicted for Saturday...

As for the NRL, guess who I'm picking for Monday night...

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