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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Great NRL Intersite Tipping Challenge 

Thanks to the folk at Sportsfreak and my Aussie arch nemesis League Freak (no relation) we have set up an intersite tipping competition which will have our picks for each week and a running tally of them and those of the so called experts who should have an edge with the 'inside oil' they supposedly get (but clearly never pay any attention to).

Check it out and feel free to post your own picks here or there to compare yourself. You never know, if you are dedicated and adept (like us, errr, not) you may get picked up by a franchise for next season.

Last year I came in at 61.9% for the regular season and improved to 62.2% after the finals after picking 7 from 9 during showtime. My comrade dc_red ended the regular season at 60% flat and improved to 60.6% after picking 6 from 9.

I suppose 60% is about a par score. If you simply picked the home team to win every game you'd have scored 57.3% last season so certainly its nothing to write home about. But it's rare for anybody to go over 70%. That's the stuff dreams (and money) are made of.

If you were looking to play it safe I'd recommend the strategy of always picking the home team except for when you have one of the top sides (like Manly or Melbourne last year) playing away from home. But tipping like that's for pussies and we don't support no Panthers or Tigers round here.

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