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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ding ding, NRL round 2 

Since I likely won't be near a computer tomorrow, I'd better get my picks in early. In terms of the great NRL intersite tipping competition, I think Yamis is the "official" BIR tipper. But I'll continue to call it like I see it, too, in my unofficial capacity. Both Yamis and I managed 5/8 picks last week, so it's neck-and-neck at this early stage.

But first, the cricket. Winner: whoever bats first.

Now on to the NRL:

Rabbitohs v Bulldogs: Hardly the match of the round. I have a small amount of admiration for the Rabbitohs given their history, and a fairly strong dislike of the Bulldogs, so I'll go with the home team. Rabbitohs by <12.

Roosters v Broncos: How much do I hate the Roosters? Answer = a lot. While they're hardly likely to be a walkover at home, the Broncos should be on a high after their surprisingly strong win over Penrith up in Brisbane in Round 1. Broncos by <12.

Panthers v Raiders: This is some dire shit. Both losers in round 1. I'll pick the Raiders by a nose.

Knights v Sea Eagles: The Knights will probably play well ... for about 15 minutes. The Sea Eagles, on the other hand, can be expected to play well for close to 80. Sea Eagles by 13+.

Cowboys v Tigers: Me, bet against the Cowboys at home? Not friggin' likely. Cowboys by <12.

Storm v Sharks: Yeah, I need to have a think about this one. Oh no I don't. Storm by 13+.

Warriors v Eels: I expect a good home crowd, but the Warriors without Price are going to struggle big time (losing McKinnon was bad enough). Eels by a nose.

Dragons v Titans: I'll pick the visiting team here 'cos the Dragons are pretty crap, and the Titans are showing some promise. Titans by <12.

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