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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ad Free, Yeah Right 

Why are the TV channells allowed to have ads promoting themselves? Surely if they can't have ads for anybody else they can't have them for themselves either. I realise that they aren't getting paid to broadcast their own ads but they indirectly make money by advertising themselves, enticing people to tune in to these shows and then getting advertising money as their ratings go up. It all seems a bit shit arse if you ask me. If they can do that then all stores in NZ should be able to open their doors and simply not sell anything. Not many people would bother going into them but there might be the case where people use the day to suss out prices at different stores and buy the next day.

On the whole no-trading friday and sunday it absolutely sucks. I've got quite a bit of stuff to do round the house but haven't been able to do half of it because of the closed policy. I can handle shops being shut on one of those days but why the fuck two and so close together? Jesus would be well pissed off if he couldn't buy timber for that cabinet he was making.

And Sportsfreak is now 0-7 with his picks. Hahahahaha. hang on, I'm 2-5.

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