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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I went to the game v England at Eden Park. It was a decent night out.

The people were right about the queues though. We got there and saw a massive line with hundreds of people in it to get in but then realised that was for people collecting their tickets. We already had ours so walked straight in basically. But the lines for beer were ridiculous. There was one guy serving and about 60+ people in the line and that was the bar for over half of the main South Stand. I moved about half a metre in a few minutes and gave up. Went back during the NZ innings and it only took 5 minutes or so but nobody wants to miss the game so the fucktards didn't think to have two or three people serving and more than one till in between innings or before the game started.

They also missed out on some serious bucks by making it general admission meaning that basically the entire ground was sold out but around 10-20% of the seats were empty because they couldn't actually sell it out I suppose for saftey reasons. Theres a qoute about a piss up in a brewery that springs to mind.

What’s it going to be like once building / redevelopment work starts?

Or is that just hypothetical?

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