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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is John McCain dumber than George W. Bush? Bobert: “Probably so!” 

The Republican front-runner, John McCain, is truly stupid. This man is so dumb that he cannot even tell who he has been tortured by. The man was a captive during the Vietnam War, and while undergoing a series of abuses, he somehow figured that Cubans had a role in beating him in a Vietnamese prison.

I don’t mean to play the race card here, but I’m pretty sure that most people, even at first glance, can tell the difference between a gentleman from Vietnam and a gentleman from Cuba. But not John McCain.

Now, we could run a quick survey through Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay, to see if torturees know who their torturers are. My guess is that it would be a unanimous, “yes, we know who is torturing us.”

And this is why John McCain is possibly dumber than George W. Bush. At least Bush can hang an Ivy League diploma on his wall and take credit for one of the greatest acts of manufactoring myth and consent in the American Public since Pearl Harbour.

McCain can’t even tell the difference between Tiếng Việt nam and Español. Because there would be no way of getting this confused in the midst of the Vietnam War. There were only a handful of Cuban doctors assisting with the North Vietnamese army in the 1970s, and no formal diplomatic relationships were established with the two countries until the mid-1970s. Hence, the exchange of Cuban personnel, which has always been grounded through diplomatic channels with foreign nations, to Vietnam began after McCain spent his time in the "Hanoi Hilton," (as it was nick-named) and even then, Cuban personnel were not in combat, or police roles.

It’s one thing for the republican front-runner to tell fibs, and have Bobert make fun of him and show him wrong, but the hypocrisy of this man and the Republican Party is certainly another thing. Pointing fingers at Cuba for torture? How about pointing your finger no further than the current administration?

It is a serious fucking mystery to me as to why the entire Bush Administration is not in jail, the U.S. society is not in a state of burning revolution and the Republican Party is not permanently disbanded.

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John McCain is a brilliant leader and is going to continue on with the Bush legacy. I support McCain/Duke 2008!
baptists for brown nosing dem ho's

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