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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here's Looking at you.... kids. 

Thanks for the kind birthday wishes. Now fuck off and stop looking at our blog. It's mean't to be private reflections.

yeah whatever.

If you are stuck at work tomorrow or have your hand on the pump or some other object that you are pumping errr.... check out our friends at sportsfreaks 4th ODI web commentary. Was pretty funny last time round. Even if you can't follow it live you can still go back afterwards and read through to relive those great moment like Coldplays 6 consecutive french cuts for 4 or Vettori actually turning the ball.

Check it here, here or here.

Might take you a while to work out the nicknames. Here's some starters. Coldplay = Chris Martin well deerrrrrrr, English Tendulkar = Bopara who reckons he is it, oxymoron = sidebottom... good luck with the rest.

And my god random, the Bulldogs are a bloody laugh aren't they? I mean I've always liked watching them play because of their style ie, hard out attack, and a total gonad dropping tendency the second the opposition starts standing up to them but hell, their off field shit is awesome. Who needs soap operas when we have the NRL off season and week night dramas to fill our TVs?

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It's a pained laugh ... you know the one you do when you accidentally crush your nuts in full public view. All you want to do is squeal like a stuck pig but, because of the audience, you try to brush it off.

Oh the doggies - the franchise that took the phrase "fucking it up off the pitch" a little too literally.
More translation for tomorrow.

When you see Stuart Broad being referred to as "she", that is no misprint. Oh no, that's painfully deliberate.

The Tattoed One is McCullum (thanks dc_red)

Cult Hero is Ryder.

The Perfect Boyfriend is Oram. Well lets face it what young woman wouldn't want to take him home to meet the folks?

Watch for many MBE references too...

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