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Friday, February 29, 2008

Darth Watch: High Times Indeed 

Ole Smokey has been positively salivating this year at the prospect of a National Government. Finally, there will be an outlet for his brand of small-minded conservatism beyond the NZ Herald. Official recognition, even. Darth George for Minister of Climate Change!

Let's have a look at this week's effort: after the obligatory lengthy quotes (always good for the old word count eh Darth?), he launches into anti-intellectualism. This is standard fare for conservatives in New Zealand, who have long bewailed the presence of teachers, lecturers and former trade union officials in the Labour Party caucus ("a goodly number of our ruling politicians for the past eight years are also erstwhile academics" points out a clearly "scared" Darth). Why these professions are somehow inferior to the former farmers, small town accountants, and (more recently) retired currency speculators who make up the National caucus is a mystery to me.

Onwards and upwards though: there's a quick mention of abortion (for no apparent reason), a gripe about MMP (better when National could win elections when they had fewer votes than Labour eh, Darth - like in '78 and '81?), but settles on "government interference in our daily lives with the imposition of legislation that has arisen from ideas that have quickly become ideologies."

"What the fuck is Darth on about?", you might well ask. Was not National motivated by an uncompromising ideology known as "neoliberalism" last time we had the misfortune to see it in office? (Albeit tempered by other ideologies - known as "pragmatism" and "populism" from 1994-99).

Darth suggests an unwilling public "swallowed" civil unions, "choked on" the legalisation of prostition, and is now "flatulent" in the face of the "ideology" of human-induced climate change. Yes, flatulent.

That would be the same type of climate change that John Key now professes to believe in.

But for Darth, and - he suggests - the public at large, the final straw was the anti-smacking bill. The bill that was apparently a product of Labour/Green ideology, and the exemplar par excellence of the Government's "arrogant and overbearing treatment of New Zealanders."

That would be the exact same bill supported in the House by EVERY SINGLE FUCKING MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL PARTY, YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER TOOL.

By all means support the Bill's opponents (Act, that dork who used to be in United Future, and NZ First) if you must ... but don't give National a free ride when it supported the bill.



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