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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Breaking Droughts and all that Shit 

What do you know. Been an Indian summer (maybe global warming is connected to the number of Indians on the planet increasing or more and more settling in NZ?) and then low and behold my teams first cricket game gets washed out this morning. Forecast looks good for Christchurch though for the 'half decider' this afternoon. Not that we will remember the result beyond a few weeks.

The NRL needs to get up and running so we can compare the original rugby league with the new rugby league, otherwise known as the 2008 Super 14.

Right, thats it from me. I think I'm going to sit round and do nothing all day. Just what I deserve after getting through a full week at school where my average class size is 30!!! My senior classes are over 30 with my Year 13 class at 33. So much for reducing class sizes. Our school runs some extra programs which take teachers out of the classroom but they seem to be working quite well given our NCEA results are on the up each year. The government provides some funding for one or two of them but at the end of the day it means our class sizes are way up because we can't afford to employ any more teachers.

The government(s) really need to get with the program and start getting serious about education. Internationally we are pretty mediocre with our funding for it but our results are right up there with the best but they need to wake up and realise that this isn't the 1970s where wooden box classrooms with 4 lights, a teacher and a box of books would keep you up with the modern world. These days to be at the forefront you need top facilities, top technology (internet connections, computers, data projectors...) fund school programs that enhance learning fully (like Te Kotahitanga) AND make sure that on top of all this schools can limit class sizes to around 25, especially senior classes where the credits need to be rolling in not students rolling in, and rolling in, and rolling in.

Good signs at the cricket.

"Spoon Me Mustard"


"Spoon Me Sidebottom"

Obviously Cantabs are looking for a relatively conservative start to the relationship before taking it further perhaps.

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