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Saturday, January 19, 2008

My BDO 2008 Review 

It's not actually going to be a review because there were too many bands not worth seeing, too many bloody people there, it was too hard to get around, too hard to get a beer and too hard to get a beer in any shade, and I'm too damn old. Rather its going to be about Rage Against the Machine who were always more than just a band. And blow me down if I'm not enjoying a wine watching Saving Private Ryan and then spy The Godfather on TV3.

Might be a while in the making but I'll see if I can get it done by the end of next week. It won't be short reading so bring a deck chair and a beer if you can be fucked.

Go India.

Go on

Despite the bad press regarding the line-up, I found it to be the best one yet (my 4th.

Just a shame about the big (boorish) crowd
The crowd sure was big. It's almost too many people for the venue. 5,000 less might be about right.

I found the lineup to be pretty drab. Most people seemed to be hanging out for Rage. During Bjork literally nobody anywhere near me even listened to her at all throughout her performance. Everybody just seemed to be waiting all day for Rage.

I think they fucked up with Bjork. She would have been better in the Boiler room a little earlier. And they should have got Silverchair over to play before Rage. They just didn't fit well.

my review aint gonna happen. No time. I'll put my crap out on Rage sometime.

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