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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas staple 

Errg, I just heard the inevitable story on Morning Report: "NZ retailers worried about slow pre-Christmas sales." They trot out this shit every year and a lazy media laps it up. In 2-3 days we will hear: "NZ retailers relieved by last-minute spending spree." Y'know, just like we do every year.

Cricket correspondent Jonathon Millmow has another go this morning, but is rather self-referential in discussing the team's response to media criticism. Yeah, criticism that has come from Millmow himself (and rightly so).

The interesting thing is that Millmow reports, at considerable length, Vettori's defence of Comical Braces. What this actually means is that Braces is fucked if we lose today. A leading player (esp. a captain) coming to defence of the coach in this way (i.e., beyond: "he's good, we like him") is like the deputy leader of a political party swearing undying loyalty to the leader. Followed by a challenge at the start of the next week. When someone is actually in charge at the top, no one needs to offer long-winded defences.

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Vettori cut his throat and those of the entire team when he said we could win today and the tour will be a success "sort of". People think we need to be more like the Aussies, get cocky, get arrogant etc but people should shut up because whenever we talk smack we lose.

We operate way better flying under the radar and keeping any confidence we have to ourselves.

On the christmas shopping we finally went out and did most of ours yesterday afternoon about 2pm at Westgate and it was barely any busier than usual. In the Warehouse only half the checkout were open and the lines were only one or two people long with mainly empty aisles. The other stores we went too were maybe 20% busier than usual.

Hopefully we can do our remaining shopping without getting crushed but I doubt it as I fear a trip to Westcity is needed.

and I just planted 7 more Nikau's on our section to go with the 5 flax, 4 cabbage trees and 4 Nikau's I added the other day and our star jasmine is flowering beautifully and my passionfruit is actually producing fruit. Now al I need to do is the gates, and deck and stairs and retaining wall, and tiling and install the dishwasher and add cupboards and french doors and...
Well, our hydrangea is putting on an awesome display, and I finished mowing the lawns last night after they had grown about a foot tall during the 10 days we were away, and I put the door back on the closet I had painted, and ... [the list is basically never-ending when you own an older place, it's amazing I find time to drink beer].

However, the shopping still awaits (in fairness, I'm still working).

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