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Monday, November 19, 2007

Ellerslie Flower SHOP Good riddance! 

I went to this for the first time on Saturday with the missus and tiny tot as I was able to get tickets for 21 bucks a piece instead of 35 due to an under ground contact on the inside of the outdoor entertainment industry (picture the garden mafia).

And let me tell you that its hardly worth 10 bucks let alone 35. AND it's losing money and needs bale outs for gods sakes. Basically 50% of the site is taken up with stalls trying to sell you shit. The 'gardens' are by and large bloody nice but there aren't a hell of a lot of them. There are some other nice displays, and a couple of small kids sections and then a couple of very large marquees with displays and a couple selling yet more crap. The site is not exactly user friendly. I had to wheel a push chair round and couldn't get through a couple of places due to the volume of people and we had to backtrack constantly due to the 'roads' all running away from the entrance and more or less back to it.

65,000 people went through and if they all paid about 25 dollars each they would have been looking at over 1.6 million in ticket sales. I'm sure the stallholders were all paying several hundred dollars each for the privilege of being there as well.

I just wonder though that if you took all of them out what would be left? Do we pay 10 bucks every time we go into Westfield malls?

And the parking. Well, coming down the southern motorway we were directed off at the Manukau Velodrome. We parked up, paid 6 dollars, walked for a few hundred metres and then had to hop on a shuttle bus for a 10 minute drive to the venue. As nice as it is having the event in a botanic garden it really is crying out for a huge flat venue with masses of entry points and parking spaces and half as many stalls and twice as many displays. And at least Christchurch will have a good sized flat venue. I can see it working for at least the first year or two. But then they might struggle a bit after that with the smaller population, clashes with racing weeks, the novelty wearing off and the ticket prices. But we'll see.

Weed that fools!

Flowers Shmlowers. I've only seen one post about RATM in the run up to the Big Day Out, Yamis. By god, you'd better work yourself into a serious fervor by the time it rocks around!

Polar Bob.
Well I have my ticket.

Probably won't get too psyched until the day though.

I see that Tom Morello is doing his "The Nightwatchman" socially conscious folk music Dylanesque thing at BDO. Might have to check that out as long as it isn't clashing with anything else I really want to see.
Billy Bragg's going to BDO, right? Make sure you catch him. A true legend.

As for the flower thing; I'm sure the media is focusing on the shift as a metaphor for what may happen to a certain event scheduled for 2011

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