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Friday, November 02, 2007

Cameron v the 13th 

Good fight. Nice to see a heavyweight from overseas in NZ who could actually fucken fight for once.

A few points. We knew Shane Cameron bled easy but tonight we saw that even if he was a better fighter those cuts will totally derail his career. By the end he had cuts that went right around his eyes. I don't think there is anything they can do to fix that problem.

He might well have won the fight on points if he had no cuts and had been able to see clearly for the full 12 rounds but that is such a huge handicap to overcome.

The commentators were saying that he was ahead in the last round but I thought Friday was perhaps slightly ahead. Cameron was on the front foot and trying to be the aggressor throughout the fight but Friday seemed to be landing the best punches.

And what about the fucken ring surface? That was a disgrace. It's 2007 and they haven't worked out a surface that doesn't get slippery. It was slippery as soon as it was wiped. Even the ref was having trouble. A fighter could easily have been knocked out because of losing their footing and the promoters should sort their sh*t out.

But I have to say, after watching last nights basketball and tonights boxing, league and rugby can fuck right off until next March.

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